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HVAC GROWTH PRO Client Interview

"We made more the first quarter of this year than any whole year before John came into the picture."

Climate Masters Inc. is now over 53 years old. Before working with HVAC Growth Pro, my company's revenue plateaued. We were selling medium to lower-end systems, and our average ticket price was far from what it needed to be to grow our business. The slow season was painful prior to HVAC Growth Pro helping our company grow. Now, we're making more money in what we call our slow season than in the year right before HVAC Growth Pro started working for us. We highly recommend that you see what they have to offer.
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Do these bottlenecks look familiar?

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We specialize in bottleneck prevention.


Growing pains are real 

"There's no easy way to grow your business all by yourself."
See what strategies make sense
"Look under the hood while I rev it up."
We found that helping HVAC companies grow with our sales and marketing program almost always uncovers company scaling issues. We identified critical issues with operations, logistics, talent acquisition, sales, training, team morale, and customer satisfaction in nearly all of our clients earning under the $5M milestone. It was a formidable challenge to resolve all seven problems with new systems and processes.
Imagine your HVAC business hitting 4 million halfway through the year. Now you have to tell your marketing agency to slow down their efforts because you are faced with staffing issues. It's a good problem, right? It feels that way until you're in the situation and you realize how much money you're leaving on the table. The damage could be catastrophic if your margins are off and you don’t have your overhead calculated correctly.
I’ve heard this too many times. "Please, can you turn off our ads for now?"
The biggest problem when it comes to meeting demand is having enough technicians on the job. When HVAC companies fail to scale their growth accordingly, their performance can plateau or even nosedive.

Client "Ah Ha” Moment

We're inspired when HVAC clients notice the missing pieces in their own companies' scalability. Moreover, it humbles us to have built a plan of action for our clients' next challenge before they've even identified it. Our goal is to be a bird dog for obstacles in the path of our client's growth.
We focus like a bird dog on opportunities and delivering a technician acquisition system.


Our online marketing department focuses on creating high-performing results which transition into a fuller pipeline and higher-quality sales. It’s not about fancy systems or the prettiest ads; it’s about working smarter and targeting results-driven activities. We focus on improving what sales systems you are using and helping you raise your average ticket price over $400.
Over the past 6+ years, under my direction, my team and I have:
  • Helped HVAC companies break the $2M, $3M and $5M barriers
  • Honed and refined our program to deliver results for our clients each year
  • Even solved the biggest growth problem you'll have outside of sales and marketing: training; we are building an HVAC training center, we're taping into a flood of quality people ready to train & work in HVAC
  • We plain to provided trained techs and installers to the companies we support to grow.
HVAC competition online is multiplying in difficulties 2 to 3 every year. We put the work in with you as a partner with our team, and you will stay ahead of them.
John Sparks HVAC growth pro

~John Sparks~

HVAC Growth Pro
Since 2016, I have pledged to provide HVAC client partners with proven growth systems, strategies, and support with execution. At the same time, provide marketing to overfill their cup with leads and help increase close rates and avg ticket prices.
"Doesn't it cost more not to?"
1. $250k to 1 Million in 2yrs or less
2. $1 Million to $5 Million in 3yrs or less
3. $5 Million to 8 digits custom guarantee
Book a call to see if you qualify.
HVAC Growth Pro is more than an HVAC marketing agency. We help you close more deals, increase profit margins, fill your pipeline, and grow your workforce. Ask to see if you qualify for the guarantee.
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VET-owned and mission-driven. We've built proven systems and added accountability measures to ensure steady growth for our clients. Our systems are tested and changed to meet requirements of each platform we manage. Our dependability is what makes us credible and trustworthy.


We have over six years of experience building HVAC sales and marketing processes. 15 years altogether. We've developed proven methods that ensure your companies will profit with speed, ranking, and accuracy.


We are only comfortable at complete efficiency, which can never be reached. These three words are at the core of our business. "Make it happen."


Our deliverable is on a timeline that has expectations to hit. We execute with accuracy and diligence, which takes skills and time. We achieve results that we are proud of and determined to deliver. There's no magic pill for achieving sustainable growth with cheap strategies.


We never take shortcuts and always address all concerns and issues in a timely manner. We don't work with it or tolerate it inside our organization. Our staff has to fit the intelligent, eager, and humble hiring model we teach. We find ways to motivate it or trim it out.


Failure is not an option. We ensure our partners receive a positive return on their investment in the appropriate amount of time. We are in the business of making lifelong returns and life-changing gains for our clients.
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How serious are we about who we spend time with?

If any of these applies to your company, we're more than likely not a good fit. However, we can suggest books, and our email course to overcome these mental blocks.
  1. You don't want to grow past $5 million with at least a 45%+ Profit Margin
  2. You don't strive to be the best
  3. You don't care about your google and review ratings
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Just because you're not there currently doesn't mean you can't get there.

Why are we picky?

Your business has to be able to grow 

Or you must be willing to make progress to fix it.

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